What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ages-old spiritual practice rooted in omni-cultural systems that works with energetic imprints, (a.k.a. totems or spirit helpers), to transform energetic residues that no longer serve. It relies on the power of aligned mind and heart (a.k.a. merging of imagination and intent) to create a shift in the field. The ‘field’ is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the universe, the solar system, the earth and every aspect of creation….every thought, every memory, every emotion, every belief, every action….!

As humans, our relational imperfections with life situations often leave a residue that may be less than helpful to the ‘field’. Shamanism acknowledges these imperfections, with gratitude for the gifts they bring, and acts to re-calibrate the energetic residue so that it may resonate at a higher frequency thereby contributing to life affirming realities rather than life draining ones.

Many techniques are used to re-calibrate residual energy; while many are rooted in myriad cultures, the techniques used in shamanism are often created through a committed relationship with benevolent guides, such as angels, ancestors and spiritual masters who share their wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all that is!