Out of My Mind and Into Trust

The last time I checked-in via my travel blog was when I left Kentucky. That was October 22nd or so.  I spent a couple weeks in Arkansas, another week or so in Texas, then a couple weeks in New Mexico. It was in north Texas that I met up with K Mae and David from … Read more

Kentucky Portals

Once in Maysville, Kentucky across the Ohio River from Aberdeen, Ohio, I traveled west to Georgetown.  As this area is not far from Lexington, the countryside did not disappoint. Every road was lined with fences and rock walls surrounding acres of horse pasture.  The grass was as green as Maine’s is in the spring. I … Read more

Flight 93 Memorial and Fallingwater

 The day I drove to the Flight 93 Memorial in Stoystown Pennsylvania was cloudy and rainy.  In order to get there, I had to get off the main highway and travel east.  As I noted in a previous blog, east-west topography in Pennsylvania most closely is described as a roller coaster.  Thankfully, it was only … Read more

Passing Through Pennsylvania

So much has happened in the past 6 weeks since leaving Camp Little Notch and traversing New York State so that I could begin my southern expedition. This writing will cover only a bit of the time it took to get through the western top half. I find that driving an SUV while towing a … Read more

When you meet no strangers

There comes a time when you just have to go for it!  Having spent the better part of my life being a “good” girl and doing the “right” thing, and sacrificing my “joie de vivre” for reasons that were no longer valid for me, I decided to take advantage of a new found freedom.  Freedom … Read more

Connected – Untethered

I am here at dawn I am here at high noon I am here at dusk I am here in the night’s gloom I am beauty and I am wonder I am the wind and I am the thunder I am truth, I am forever I am kindness, I am surrender. Hold me, let me … Read more

Dreaming of Annihilation?

It began many years ago and it has happened so many times over the years since then. It’s painful to fathom the anguish I feel over world events and then to experience the worst nightmare of my life. And yet during the nightmare, I did not feel terror or disgust or even the least bit of remorse. … Read more