Kat’s Eye Carriers

I was first inspired to make carriers back in the 90s. It was just about the time when people began using tote bags for grocery shopping and other day to day needs. Many people to whom I gifted these bags, still use them today, more than 20 years later!

In the time since then, the handcrafting I’ve done has focused on a quilting technique known as ‘applique’. It’s a French word, appropriate for my heritage, meaning to ‘apply’. Applique is a process that applies small pieces of fabric to a background in a way that creates a picture of a person, place or thing.  Most applique work I do is free-hand.

First used on quilts, this technique has now expanded into the making of carriers of all sorts. I’ve crafted laptop carriers, sacred object carriers, hand drum bags, altar cloths as well as everyday totes, handbags and backpacks. Most carriers I make are custom but some are all-occasion; in other words, I keep a limited inventory of completed bags because most people prefer these carriers to be personalized.

I truly enjoy collaborating in the designs. My process involves asking the customer to identify the purpose of the carrier and then to give me preferences in terms of colors, textures and adornments. Some people are very clear on the design and request that I interpret their concept using fabrics they choose; while others enjoy the surprise of how my intuition connects with spirit.  With the latter, I tune in to my guides and ask them to deepen the information provided so that I am able to craft a carrier that will speak to the spirit of the customer and the specific purpose the carrier will serve.

In each item, I sew a label that expresses my personal philosophy for the world: Empower the Feminine – EtF – Crafted with Spirit.  I intentionally selected the word Feminine vs Woman or Female because the word Feminine, is a way of being that has little to do with gender.  And I believe that we all have masculine and feminine traits and characteristics and that the feminine characteristics have been undervalued far too long!

I’ve been blessed to have created bags for people all across the country and beyond. I’ve worked with cottons, velvets, satins, tapestries and drapery fabrics. In growing instances, I am able to re-purpose clothing or household fabrics that are previously loved but worn and outdated. These carriers are enlivened by the energy already infused in a rebirthed purpose; it’s as if the carrier has life that is palpable.

  • Handbags of all sorts specializing in Hand Drum Carriers in 3 styles (Satchel, Satchel Back Pack and Altar Cloth Backpack) – Starting at $100.
  • Altar Cloths: Custom only starting at $100. (minimum 36 inch diameter)
  • Mini Altar Cloths (18 inches diameter): Starting at $25.
  • Miscellaneous Carriers: Medicine pouches, Crystal pouches and Sacred Pipe Bundles, Yoga Mat Bags

Contact Kat at 207-446-8099 or at katbeau50@gmail.com