Experiential Learning

Everything is energy! 

Everything we experience, think, say, and do creates an energy imprint.  Imprints created with compassion and love (a.k.a. lightness) reside in the energy field of the universe and move in an out of our personal energy fields often undetected like the oxygen we breathe on a fine clear day!  We are comfortable and relaxed.

Imprints created with emotional heaviness and lack of understanding, or by unexpected and sudden, sometimes traumatic occurrences that generate emotion or cause us to ask “what just happened?”, also reside in the field but have a greater tendency to get stuck somewhere in the body.  The heavier energy imprints are more like the effect of high humidity; we are uncomfortable at the very least, and our joints ache or we have difficulty breathing at worst.

The experiential learning activities I create are intended to assist with the transformation of heavier energy into lighter energy. I do this through engaging the body – both heart and mind – with spirit.  Transforming heavy energy means feeling it; feeling it is moving it.  Moving it, heals it! When we “lighten up” or are “enlightened”, we are more able to be present – to be here for ourselves and others.

Examples of events I’ve presented in the past include:

  • The Many Masks of the Earth Mother: The Teachings Behind the Archetypal Roles We Play.
  • Goddesses: The Humanness of the Divine Feminine
  • Connecting with the Wheel: Making and Using a Medicine Wheel
  • Creating and Healing with Sacred Space: Beginning with the Fundamentals of Sacred Space

 See Gatherings for an overview of current offerings.

Kat is also available for private sessions. She specializes in a variety of Shamanic Healing techniques and Reiki. Her rate is $80 per hour. For appointments, she may be reached at or 207-446-8099.