What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ages-old spiritual practice rooted in omni-cultural systems that works with energetic imprints, (a.k.a. totems or spirit helpers), to transform energetic residues that no longer serve. It relies on the power of aligned mind and heart (a.k.a. merging of imagination and intent) to create a shift in the field. The ‘field’ is the … Read more

Hieroglyphics in the Superstitions

January 1, 2017 was a rainy day as we left Tucson; we drove on Route 77 from Oracle to Winkelman and then through the southern portion of the Superstition Mountains from Winkelman to Superior on route 177. Just north of Kearny on route 177, our cars had managed to haul our homes from 3000 to 3400 … Read more

Saguaro National Forest – Tucson

The ride from Deming, New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona on December 1st, 2016 was nothing less than exciting. There is no way I can amply describe the way it felt to be moving westward with mountains ahead, mountains to the south, mountains to the north and to the east.  And while it may sound as … Read more

The Land of Enchantment

I entered New Mexico on Route 380 just east of Tatum on November 20th.  At elevation 3,990 ft above mean sea level (AMSL), Tatum boasted a population of 798 in 2010.  The town is surrounded by vast areas of open range, much of which is being used for grazing and to pump crude oil.  According … Read more

No flies on me!

“Dad would be proud!” These are the words I struggled to share regarding a facebook post I made of a photo K Mae took of me; I actually had to think twice before clicking “post”.  The photo portrayed me sitting on a rock enjoying a snack after a hike up the Hieroglyphics Trail in the … Read more

Trekking To and Through Texas

The night of the election was a long one – for everyone! I did not allow myself to watch the results…but woke from an uneasy sleep just minutes before the winner was declared. To say that I was in shock is an understatement! No doubt many others were feeling the same! Unable to return to … Read more

Out of My Mind and Into Trust

The last time I checked-in via my travel blog was when I left Kentucky. That was October 22nd or so.  I spent a couple weeks in Arkansas, another week or so in Texas, then a couple weeks in New Mexico. It was in north Texas that I met up with K Mae and David from … Read more

Kentucky Portals

Once in Maysville, Kentucky across the Ohio River from Aberdeen, Ohio, I traveled west to Georgetown.  As this area is not far from Lexington, the countryside did not disappoint. Every road was lined with fences and rock walls surrounding acres of horse pasture.  The grass was as green as Maine’s is in the spring. I … Read more