Saguaro National Forest – Tucson

The ride from Deming, New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona on December 1st, 2016 was nothing less than exciting. There is no way I can amply describe the way it felt to be moving westward with mountains ahead, mountains to the south, mountains to the north and to the east.  And while it may sound as … Read more

Passing Through Pennsylvania

So much has happened in the past 6 weeks since leaving Camp Little Notch and traversing New York State so that I could begin my southern expedition. This writing will cover only a bit of the time it took to get through the western top half. I find that driving an SUV while towing a … Read more

Be a Tool of Nature

December 31, 2015: One year ago today was the first day I was not responsible for a mortgage payment in nearly 35 years. Of course, had I been the diligent ‘nose to the grindstone’ girl and grounded in every way, it would have been paid off after 35 years but that was not the way … Read more