Trained in Reiki, Shamanism, Consciousness – The Bars, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and born with an ability to sense the bigger picture, I like to sum up what I do as “clearing personal energy fields to restore well-being”. A person who seeks a session with me is probably feeling stressed or fatigued, or is experiencing recurring physical or emotional distress. In a session, I begin with centering and grounding followed by hands on energy work in the form of Reiki or The Bars.  This allows me to visualize the disharmony at its source.  I then I tap into the high-vibration healing energy that is proven to exist in nature, allowing it to move through me and into the person so that harmony is re-established.

I often suggest at least one follow up session to refine the effects of the energy work. In preparing for the follow up, I rely on my mind’s eye and gut sense to guide me in seeing and feeling the disharmony symbolically or metaphorically. From these images and sensations I am guided to create a method or practice for the client to use that often involves ceremony or ritual that, when practiced in a reverent and intentional manner, acts as an energetic prescription (an ‘e-prescription’ if you will) for relief.

In addition to having studied the works of numerous health innovators, including modern research conducted by famed cell biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD and the innovative mind-heart healing techniques developed by neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, I trust and believe in my own self-healing experiences over the decades.  Their work and my experiences prove that using visualization, affirmation and repetition have the ability to redirect the brain’s neuropathways to achieve a desired end. These tools are the foundation of my healing practice.

I work one on one, in person or at a distance. I also do group work where I share the techniques I use, often through myths and legends, in a way that helps participants to create their own personal energetic prescriptions.

My passion is to foster metamorphosis.  I love creating experiential learning activities that challenge the mind’s perception of what is true – what is reality and that encourages our hearts to expand by releasing constricting emotions!  That’s why I have recently been sanctioned by The Work That Reconnects Network to facilitate a body of work created and led by Joanna Macy, Nuclear Activist, Buddhist and Systems Thinking Scholar who has inspired me since the early 90s. My hands, my heart, my deep desire for knowledge and my intuition are my tools and I’m forever grateful for all those who’ve inspired me along the way.